Rise of Eros APK v1.0.700 (Latest Version)

Rise of Eros APK

To begin with, we would like to tell you that this is an AAA game for adults and it is one of the first of its kind. High-budget games and games published by well-known publishers are considered as AAA games and Rise of Eros APK is one of them. You can predict from its category that this game is going to be exciting and full of adventure.

Rise of Eros APK revolves around the story of Incase who is an archaeologist by profession. His boyfriend Hunter, whom he loved with all his heart, is killed in a tragic car accident. He couldn’t digest the reality that his boyfriend is in anymore. Therefore, he goes on an adventure to find some way to bring his boyfriend back to life. He spent his entire life searching for a way to the resurrection of the dead.

She heard about some sealed documents that the God of Desire is imprisoned in and after finding them and heard that she could free the God of Desire who has the power to resurrect her dead boyfriend. and he befriends a tomb robber named Primer and begins his search for the hidden artifacts. When they release the God of Desire, he tells them that he was killed and sealed within these documents and that one of his wives was reincarnated as Incase, who freed him from prison.

Eros, who is the God of Desire, asks Incase to help him get his powers back so he can bring his boyfriend back to life. In case agreed to help him because he wanted his boyfriend back and Eros was more like his dead boyfriend than him, Hunter. The actual game starts from this point where these characters will go on an adventurous journey to find seven goddesses and the one who had killed and imprisoned Eros. Rise of Eros APK is an RPG game for adults who belong to the age group of 18+. This is because Rise of Eros APK consists of many exotic characters who wear short clothes.

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More about Rise of Eros APK

Rise of Eros is a role-playing game (RPG) in which you show off your fighting skills. Each character will possess three abilities at a time and you will engage in story-based battles and seek out the goddess who had sealed Eros away so that she could resurrect Hunter. The Rise of Eros app allows you to form your squad and take part in exciting battles.

Features of Rise of Eros APK

Let us tell you about some of the main features of the application.

  1. a role-playing game
  2. quality sound
  3. eye-catching graphics
  4. Gallery to see female characters in 3D
  5. Free download
  6. free streaming
  7. No registration required
  8. easy interface

How to download and install Rise of Eros APK on your device?

Downloading Rise or Eros APK is simple. Just follow these steps and you will get it on your phone.

  1. Find the download link on our site and click on it
  2. The download link will start to download Rise of Eros APK on your phone
  3. Go to device settings and enable “unknown resources”
  4. Go to device downloads and click on the Rise of Eros app
  5. After installation, open the game and start playing.


Rise of Eros app is a fashion game app. From the description, you might think that it is an easy game to play, but the developers have made sure that the difficulty level increases after each level. Players come up with different attacking tactics and the game takes turns from time to time. You are going to have a great experience with Rise of Eros app. Download the secure APK file from our site and let us know if you have any issues with the download process.

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