Reventure 1.9.6 APK + MOD (Free to Play) Download

Reventure 1.9.6 APK

A platform adventure with 100 different endings! Can you find them all?
What happens if I do this…? Reventure is a 2D platformer from Pixelatto Games that challenges your imagination by giving you tons of different items, stories, and a vast world to explore on your adventures. Do your best to discover 100 endings while enjoying the tense story, humor, and mystery!

**Best Indie Game, Gamelab 2019**

** 2019 Independence Center Awards **

“This title has quickly become one of the essentials for YouTubers” – Vandal

“One of the Apocalypse indie games of 2019” — 3dGames

“Reventure is an adventure you won’t forget” – Forge Today

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Table of Contents


■ One hundred finals

Choose your path, each decision leads to a new ending, will you find the true one? Does such a thing exist? There is only one way to know…

■ Lots of “Aha!” moments

Every new game doesn’t change the world, you do. Well, actually it does change, but that’s the secret you’re going to discover.

■ Tons of unlockables

New playable characters, tracks, costumes, visual effects, and more!

■ Countless secrets, riddles, stories, and pop culture references.

These are secrets, you know, so we won’t spoil them here 😉

■ Magic

Even a seemingly simple yet impressive game like this requires a lot of time and money, but you can get it for just a few dollars. What about magic? Time Travel, Battle Royale, Mimics, Permadeath, Shotguns, Mining, Resource Gathering, Base Building, World Leaderboards, Farming… well, we’re probably overdoing that… or are we?

■ humor

Yes, and that one. There are many flavors to choose from.

This is always important!

Do you need more info? Here’s how to play Reventure in 8 easy steps:

Step 1: Adventure Call… Wake Up, Hero!

Step 2: Meet your mentor and prepare for glory…

Step 3: So… Start your mission!

Step 4: Okay, don’t get on the boat…

Step 5: Face the consequences…

Step 6: Get up again…

Step 7: Correct Past Mistakes…

Step 8: Become a legend!

Disclaimer: This is just an instructional guide, you probably won’t be a legend on your second try.

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MOD APK version of Reventure

MOD function

free to play

Download Reventure APK and MOD for Android

Reventure (formerly Lonk’s Adventure) is an action-adventure video game released on June 4, 2019, by the Spanish studio Pixelatto. This is an expanded reimagining of Ludum Dare’s game jam presentation, Lonk’s Greedy Adventure, also created by Pixelatto. In the game, players are sent to rescue the princess from the Dark Lord in an open-world environment. Depending on the actions the player takes, any of the 100 endings can occur. The game is a humorous parody of role-playing video games, especially the Legend of Zelda series. “Adventure” received critical acclaim upon its release and was praised for its humor.

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