How To Earn Money From Uhive App

How To Earn Money From Uhive App

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What Is Uhive App?

How To Earn Money From Uhive App

Uhive is a social networking app that puts user privacy at the very center of its beliefs, gives back a large portion of its revenue, and offers a completely new user experience (UX) for content discovery.

People in the ultra-private Free World have the option of interacting with one another while assuming a different identity or communicating publicly.

While our revenue-share model fosters a vibrant community and genuinely returns power to the people by rewarding users whose content we sell with a significant part.

The UHive app is a real, authentic product. Find people worldwide who are interested in the same things as you by socializing, interacting, and networking.

You can make between $500 and $1000 every month. The last time the “Brave App” was posted, may you be rich. Try this as well.

This is the best opportunity to earn Ethereum, a cryptocurrency similar to bitcoin with a high market value.

Uhive Is a New Social Media platform

A new era of social media is approaching. You’re familiar with blockchain. You’re familiar with social media. It’s time for them to merge into one at this point. Introducing Uhive, a cutting-edge social media platform that allows you to earn Uhive tokens, the platform’s cryptocurrency.

Uhive, which launched in beta 8 weeks ago and already has 100,000 users and 2 million posts, provides a unique approach to using social media.


Do you know what social media feeds are? You’ll never see the content you don’t want to see because it uses interest-based user choices to power its content discovery.

Your biography? With Uhive, your “space” or spaces serve as your profile or interest-based profiles that you want to share with the public or your network of friends.

And what about its “Free World” features? This distinctive social media platform was created on the principle that no one should be denied the opportunity to contribute fully to society, regardless of who they are or where they live.

Free World focuses on fostering relationships in a judgment-free environment where users may interact with like-minded individuals and fully express themselves.

Returning to the tokens On the Ethereum blockchain, there are Uhive tokens. There is a daily cap of 4 hours for this (they want you to have a life outside of Uhive). Moreover, leave a comment on the original post and repost any new posts you make or posts you like or dislike.


Over a brief period, Uhive will deliver 8 billion tokens to its users (equal to $24 million or around €21.4 billion), and with the help of the multiplier, users can earn a maximum of 50,000 tokens overall. Users must interact with the program every day to participate, and in exchange, they are given tokens.

On the seventh consecutive day, these tokens are doubled; on the fourteenth, they are tripled; and so on, until they are eventually quadrupled. While the software is currently under beta testing, EU-Startups has not yet downloaded it; however, users may find out more information on the Uhive website.


How To Make Money from Uhive?

Users can connect, share content, and find new interests on the social networking site Uhive. On the virtual world site Uhive, app users can create their own spaces and personalize their profiles.

Users of the app can design their own spaces and personalize their profiles in a virtual world. Users on Uhive may interact with one another and share their experiences thanks to features like chat, postings, and events.

The platform additionally enables users to buy venues, which they can use to host events, produce and share content, and more. With its distinctive features and appearance, Uhive offers a novel and modern take on social networking.

Content Creation; Users can produce and distribute top-notch content that engages and captures the interest of other users. This may open up revenue-generating possibilities like brand sponsorships or joint ventures.


Virtual real estate; Users of Uhive have the option to buy spaces, which they can use to host events, create and share content, and more. To make money, users can sell or rent out their areas to other users.

Advertising; By allowing Uhive to display ads on their spaces or profiles, users can make money. The amount received will vary according to how many people view and click the ads.

By marketing other people’s goods or services on their pages or accounts, users can make money.


How To Withdraw Uhive Tokens

To withdraw tokens use the following steps

Validate your account: Before you may withdraw tokens, you must finish the account verification process by giving personal information such as your name and address.

Link a wallet: To use Uhive, you must link a bitcoin wallet that is compatible with it. The tokens you send will be received in this wallet.

Request a withdrawal: To request a withdrawal, go to the “Wallet” section of the app and select “Withdraw” when your account has been validated and your wallet is connected.

You must enter the number of tokens you wish to withdraw and then approve the transaction. Await the transaction’s processing: Due to the necessity for blockchain confirmation, withdrawals can take several days to process.

The “Transaction History” section allows you to keep tabs on the progress of your withdrawal.


Google Play Store (for Android devices): On your Android device, launch the Google Play Store, type in “Uhive,” and then click the “Install” button to download and set up the app.

You can create an account and use the platform after installing the app. If you’d like, you can also sign in using a Google or Facebook account. The following download button also allows you to get this app.




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