Hospitality Jobs In New Zealand 2023

Hospitality Jobs In New Zealand 2023

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Hospitality Jobs In New Zealand 2023

Tourism is a major industry in New Zealand and many hospitality jobs are available throughout the year. From hotels to cruise ships, there are plenty of opportunities for working holidaymakers.

One of the most popular jobs in New Zealand is bartending. With a special New Zealand license, it’s easy to get a job in many places.

Chefs & Cook

New Zealand has a unique culinary culture of fresh produce, exotic flavors and punchy pairings that’s infused with a mix of European and New World influences. And this is reflected in hotels and restaurants across the country, ranging from intimate city-center eateries to awe-inspiring vineyard experiences.

Hospitality Jobs In New Zealand 2023
Hospitality Jobs In New Zealand 2023

The best chefs in the country have helped earn New Zealand an international reputation for food. Some are based in the country’s capital and others are spread throughout its cities, towns and villages.


Whether it’s helping shoppers find what they need or recommending additional products, cashiers can play a crucial role in a customer’s experience. Training your staff to upsell and cross-sell can help them increase sales and grow your store’s bottom line.

The job requires strong customer service and communication skills. Cashiers also need to know the store’s pricing, promotions, and policies.

When a cashier doesn’t have extensive POS training, they can miscalculate prices or offer unauthorized discounts that hurt your revenue.

To prevent these problems, make sure your employees are trained before they go on the floor. Use a buddy and shadow system to ensure new hires get hands-on experience with a real cashier before they’re on their own.


Cleaners are important for keeping hotels, motels, and other accommodation looking presentable. They do this by cleaning floors, walls, and other surfaces.

Getting a cleaner job in New Zealand is very easy, and it can lead to a rewarding career in this field. Depending on your experience, skills, and education level, you can earn between NZD 29,347 and NZD 39,112 per year.

Nurses Cleaners and Babysitter Jobs in Canada 2023
Nurses Cleaners and Babysitter Jobs in Canada 2023

If you are interested in becoming a cleaner, make sure that you have a work visa and a bank account. Additionally, you may want to check whether you are eligible for government assistance in maintaining your home.

Room Attendant

Hospitality jobs are an excellent way to gain experience and build a career in the hospitality industry. This is especially true in New Zealand where the industry is booming.

Hotel room attendants work within the housekeeping department and are responsible for keeping rooms clean, tidy and safe. They also need to provide good customer service and try to become ambassadors for the hotel they work for.

Hospitality Jobs In New Zealand 2023
Hospitality Jobs In New Zealand 2023

The duties of a room attendant are diverse and can include cleaning rooms, changing towels, making beds, replenishing supplies and much more. They also ensure that faucets, switches and other amenities function properly.

Security Guard

Security guards patrol and monitor activity to protect people, property and the environment. This includes using alarms and surveillance equipment, controlling access to a gate, or patrolling a property on foot.

According to the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment, there are 9378 security guards working in New Zealand. They are part of a wider group of security workers, including electronic equipment trades workers, locksmiths and technicians and security consultants.

There are many benefits to being a security guard. They often get to work at interesting and exciting locations, and they can earn a great living. They are also a valuable asset for businesses, as they are usually the first to know of any security issues.


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