Farm Workers Jobs Hiring in Japan 2023

Farm Workers Jobs Hiring in Japan 2023

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Farm Workers Jobs Hiring in Japan 2023

Working with horses, cows, and chickens: Feeding, clearing the dung out, cleaning machinery, milking, and selling merchandise similar to eggs, milk, ice cream, and many more.

Currently, there is a serious labor shortage in Japan for farming jobs. Consequently, more foreign workers are needed.

Farm Workers

Japanese farmers are a big part of the country’s economy. They produce rice, sugar beets, mandarin oranges, cabbage and barley, among other crops.

Farm Workers Jobs Hiring in Japan 2023
Farm Workers Jobs Hiring in Japan 2023

Working as a farm worker in Japan is not only an excellent way to make extra money, but it also provides you with some incredible experiences. You’ll get to see the whole process of food production, from planting and harvesting to packing and transporting it.

Farm workers are paid a good salary in Japan, ranging from 130,000 yen to 2300,000 yen per month. They usually work five to six days a week.

Fruits and Vegetables Farm Workers

Japan is known as one of the world’s top exporters of fruits and vegetables. It produces a wide variety of these products, including cherries, plums, peaches, grapes, pears, prunes, persimmons and apples.

Working as a fruit and vegetable farm worker in Japan can be an interesting experience. It is a relatively low-stress job and pays well, with many employers offering accommodation as a package along with the salary.

Farm Workers Jobs Hiring in Japan 2023
Farm Workers Jobs Hiring in Japan 2023

To work as a fruit picker in Japan, you must have an appropriate Japanese language skill at a conversational level. It is recommended that you learn 1,500 words and a basic understanding of kanji, the Japanese language system that utilizes Chinese characters.

Dairy Farm Workers

Whether you’re interested in agriculture or fruit picking, there are some great opportunities for you to work on a farm in Japan. These positions often offer a high salary, a stipend and sometimes accommodation.

Agricultural workers are becoming more important to Japanese farming as it continues to struggle with the decline of its local workforce. A number of strategies are being implemented to help alleviate the problem, including smart agriculture, support for young self-employed farmers and upsizing of farms.

Farm Workers Jobs Hiring in Japan 2023
Farm Workers Jobs Hiring in Japan 2023

Those interested in dairy farming can get training through an apprenticeship scheme run by the Primary Industry Training Organization (Primary ITO). It’s possible to gain qualifications while you work, such as an NCEA Level 3 in agriculture, horticulture or business studies.


Cleaners are a very popular job in Japan and earn a decent income. They are also able to work in many different industries.

Working as a cleaner in Japan is an excellent opportunity for foreigners to learn the language and culture of the country. They are able to work as a domestic helper in Japanese homes or as a cleaning assistant at hotels.

People who work as cleaners in Japan can earn a salary ranging from 77,600 JPY to 247,000 JPY every month. They are also able to receive housing and transportation benefits.


There are several job opportunities for drivers in Japan, and they offer a variety of benefits. Drivers often earn a decent salary, receive family and commuting allowances, and have flexible work hours.

They also enjoy free perks, such as free meals and free insurance coverage. They also get to experience a vibrant mix of culture and history in the largest cities throughout the country.

Driving a taxi can be a great opportunity for foreigners who are looking to learn Japanese and gain experience working in a busy and exciting city. In addition, it can also be an excellent way to help support your family.



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