Factory Workers JOBS Hiring in Taiwan 2023

Factory Workers JOBS Hiring in Taiwan 2023

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Factory Workers JOBS Hiring in Taiwan 2023

Taiwan is a great place to work, with its friendly people and strong economy. Whether you’re looking for a job in the technology or hospitality industries, there are plenty of opportunities to choose from!

Despite these positives, there are also some negative aspects to working in Taiwan. For example, some migrant workers have complained about the unfair treatment they receive from their employers or their brokers.

Factory worker

The job of a factory worker in Taiwan requires strong organizational skills, reliability and stamina. They help process and assemble products from raw materials into finished goods by loading, unloading, and placing items onto equipment, carts or dollies.

Factory Workers JOBS Hiring in Taiwan 2023
Factory Workers JOBS Hiring in Taiwan 2023

A factory worker can work in a variety of industries including automotive, medical device, furniture, food processing, and apparel. They are responsible for working in a clean and safe environment.

A factory worker may work overtime, but the amount of extra pay is limited to 54 hours in one month and 138 hours in three months. Employees also qualify for severance pay under the Labor Standards Act (LSA).


A job like this requires people who are highly organized, have good communication skills and are able to follow Standard Operating Procedures. Those who do well in this position can expect to receive high wages and benefits.

In Taiwan, both men and women can apply for this job, based on the level of education. The average pay for this position is TWD 491,979 a year.

Assembly workers assemble electronic devices, such as laptops and cell phones. They are the core of Taiwan’s semiconductor manufacturing industry.

Factory Workers JOBS Hiring in Taiwan 2023
Factory Workers JOBS Hiring in Taiwan 2023

Despite its government’s efforts to promote gender equality, women are not always treated fairly in the workplace. They may face a number of challenges, including discrimination against their family members. This can result in career repercussions. For example, they may lose their jobs if they are unable to balance work and home life.

Packing Workers

Packing workers assemble and package products. They are responsible for operating machinery and for inspecting their own work.

The job of a packing worker in Taiwan is a great way to gain experience in the manufacturing industry. It is also an excellent opportunity for both men and women.

While many women are less confident when applying for a job, this is not the only reason.

Migrant workers in Taiwan are often treated differently than high-wage Taiwanese workers because of unequal treatment in the recruitment process. For example, low-wage migrant workers have to pay large recruitment fees to labor brokers.


Welders use a variety of welding techniques to join metal together. Their skills can be used across a huge range of industries and environments, including marine and underwater work, precision robotics, transport and green energy solutions and more.

Factory Workers JOBS Hiring in Taiwan 2023
Factory Workers JOBS Hiring in Taiwan 2023

Welding can be a difficult job, but it also comes with great earning potential. For example, some welders make as much as $100,000 a year in the military or pipe welding sectors.


A cleaner in Taiwan is a vital part of any factory. They ensure that the building is clean and safe to work in. They also make sure that they have all of the necessary equipment for their job.

This job is available through many different companies in Taiwan, so you should be able to find something suitable for your skill set and experience level. This can be done through an online search.

A cleaner’s salary in Taiwan can be very high, especially if they have some qualifications. A high school diploma is usually enough, though some experience in a similar role is helpful. A cleaner in Taiwan can expect to earn NT$40,000 per month, which converts to about S$2,000.

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