Factory Hiring in Poland 2023

Factory Hiring in Poland 2023

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Factory Hiring in Poland 2023

If you are looking for factory jobs in Poland, then you have come to the right place. Here you can find factory jobs for freshers skilled and unskilled people.

Factory workers in Poland earn a decent salary and live in a nice accommodation. They are also entitled to paid leave for special events such as weddings, birthdays and funerals.

Factory worker

Polish jobs in the factory industry are a good option for people who are looking for a stable and high-paying job. If you’re a production worker in the metal industries or a craftsman, you can earn more than twice as much as you would at home.

Factory Hiring in Poland 2023
Factory Hiring in Poland 2023

A factory worker works with metal and plastics, manufacturing products for industries like pharmaceuticals, food, construction, and engineering. You can expect a monthly salary of around $ 800.

Factory workers can enjoy some benefits in Poland, including a 20 or 26 day paid vacation. They also contribute to the social security system, which covers sickness and disability insurance. They’re also entitled to maternity leave and paternity leave.


Jobs opportunities for drivers are fairly good in Poland. They can earn up to 7000 PLN per month.

Most employers demand that their employees speak Polish. However, some companies accept Russian speakers.

You should also have a valid driver’s licence and a tachograph card. This is important to ensure that you don’t break the law and receive a fine.

Driving in Poland is a relatively simple process and it is also a safe one. Expats who wish to drive in Poland should ensure that they have the proper license and that they are properly insured.

Farm workers

Agricultural jobs in Poland provide opportunities for those seeking to work with nature and animals. In addition, farm workers enjoy good salaries and are able to receive housing on the farm.

Farmers and their families can also benefit from seasonal employment, which allows them to earn money during the summer months. This type of work is ideal for people who have a long-term goal of living and working in Poland, but are not yet ready to commit to it full time.

Factory Hiring in Poland 2023
Factory Hiring in Poland 2023

Those looking for seasonal employment should ensure they know how to obtain a visa in Poland. They should also be aware of the laws and regulations that apply to them. This includes the rules on obtaining a permit to work, which are often complicated.

Security Guard

Security guards provide a physical presence that deters crime, acts as a visual deterrent and helps to make people feel safer. In addition, they are able to provide valuable eyewitness testimony in the event of an incident.

The average salary for a Security Guard in Poland is around zl30,000 per year, with entry level positions starting at zl27,000 and experienced senior Security Guards earning up to zl36,000 PLN.

Security guards are also able to earn benefits such as health insurance, pension plans and other perks. They may be required to work long hours and night shifts, so employers should be prepared for this.

Hotel receptionist

Hotel receptionists are the main contact point for a hotel guest. They make sure that each guest has a pleasant stay and receives the best service.

This job requires good interpersonal skills as you will be dealing with guests on a daily basis. You must be able to interact with them and develop relationships so that they return.

You will also be responsible for resolving guest complaints and maintaining communication with them. You must be knowledgeable about hotel accommodations and services so that you can provide them with a positive experience.

There are plenty of jobs opportunities for hotel receptionists in Poland. Moreover, you can get free visa sponsorship as a foreign applicant if you meet the criteria.



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